Our extensive collection of furnishings and decor is here just waiting for you. We have collected the most beautiful vintage sofas, eclectic chairs, colorful rugs, plush pillows, and unique decor that we can find. We work with local artisans to … Read More


Build-A-Bride Build-A-Bride™ is the new, innovative way to go bridal gown shopping. Brides-to-be now have the opportunity to design and build their perfect dress. Lauren Nolan – Independent Bridal Curator PHONE: 502-221-1237 Lauren105@BuildABride.com www.BuildABride.com

Rivertown Photo Booths

Rivertown Photo Booths The home of open air photo booth rentals in Cincinnati & Louisville. Conveniently located in Southeast Indiana, we serve both the Cincinnati and Louisville areas as well as the beautiful river towns in between. Our range of … Read More

Beck n Call

Beck n Call Rental Rent Vintage So Your Event is Remembered. We rent out vintage stuff. If you can dream it, we have it. Or so we hope. Simply check out our inventory. Choose what you need. Let us know. … Read More

Blue Lotus Massage Center

Blue Lotus Massage Center Therapeutic Massage… Life is stressful! This is true for nearly everyone…we put our bodies, minds and souls through a lot every day. Working at our jobs, managing hectic schedules, caring for our homes, being parents…these things … Read More

Madison Travel Company

Madison Travel Company Your honeymoon is a celebration of the beginning of your marriage and the many life events to come. You will want a professional travel advisor working with you to make sure your individual preferences are expressed in … Read More

Fireworks and Special Effects

W.A. Loeffler Enterprises is a premiere provider of pyrotechnical entertainment. We’ve been expanding the boundaries of entertainment with spectacular displays of pyrotechnical mastery for over 17 years. Year after year, event after event, we have created pyrotechnical productions that surpass … Read More