The Pearl Plate (registry)

What we do... We hunt for kitchen treasures so you don’t have to. Cookware, dinnerware, storage, cookbooks, cleaning products, and more — we’re your one-stop shop for everything kitchen. Let us help you find kitchen staples that can one day become family heirlooms.



Your honeymoon is a celebration of the beginning of your marriage and the many life events to come. You will want a professional travel advisor working with you to make sure your individual preferences are expressed in this celebration. Madison Travel Company has been planning honeymoons around the world. Whether you choose a five star tropical resort in the Caribbean or Hawaii or choose to spend idyllic days in Greece or Italy, MTC will handle everything necessary for you to have the honeymoon you have always dreamed of.

Sandy Dierdorf​


Louisville Wedding Fireworks

W.A. Loeffler Enterprises is a premiere provider of pyrotechnical entertainment.

We’ve been expanding the boundaries of entertainment with spectacular displays of pyrotechnical mastery for over 17 years.

Year after year, event after event, we have created pyrotechnical productions that surpass anything previously seen or heard. Many executives and wedding planners currently depend on us to give their events that extra spark that drives audiences wild!
Bill Loeffler
Phone: 502.254.5674