Olive Branch & Co. is a partnership founded on friendship + peace. We’ve been close friends for nearly two decades but it hasn’t always been peachy! The Olive branch, when given to an individual, is historically used as a representation of peace. We find this act of forgiveness and sense of tranquility to be the core of our friendship and this business. Just ask us about our fist fight with each other in college! We obviously forgave each other and used it to make our relationship stronger. We’ve been through so much together so, we are 100% comfortable with one another. So much so that it flows into our sessions and clients. You’ll feel like you’re on a date with your significant other or just hanging out with your kiddos making them giggle! Our why is not to take your picture. Our why is to capture YOUR moments and emotions. We’re able to create an environment where those moments and emotions happen naturally. You will be surprised at how much fun you have after a session with us!

Ashley Adams & Hannah Allen