Artistry in Cake of Kentucky LLC

(812) 274-0323 103 E Main St Madison, Indiana

The Sweeter Life / Hannah’s Cake Creations

(812) 274-0323 103 E Main St Madison, Indiana

Simply Elegant Desserts

Simply Elegant Desserts 805.218.7648 / (812) 274-0398 (individual serving sizes, miniatures and dessert buffets)

The BonBoniere

For weddings, parties or every day, treats from The BonBonerie are delicious and beautiful. We use the finest, freshest ingredients and all our cakes and decorations are hand made by our bakers and decorators 513.321.3399

Nancy’s Tasteful Cakes

Nancy’s Tasteful Cakes 812.701.9330

Happy Chicks Bakery

An Independent Bakery in Cincinnati dedicated to creative flavors and artistic presentation (all done with kindness + love) 513. 386.7990